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The 7 Summits of the World (Full List 2024/25)

Those that are passionate about hiking will have all the seven summits of the world on their bucket list. The seven summits of the world are the tallest mountains on each continent.

There are very few people that have actually hiked all these mountains as they are really tall and require a lot of energy, training, time and resources.

Here are the Seven Summits of the World:

1. Mount Everest, Nepal/China

Country: China/Nepal, Asia

Elevation: 8,850 Meters

Best times to hike: Usually the hike is two months and it starts in March.

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. This hike is very sensitive and you will require a well trained guide to help you navigate. It one of the easy treks but then this should not be taken for granted.

2. Puncak Jaya, Indonesia

Country: Indonesia, Oceania

Elevation: 16,024 ft.

Best times to hike: Anytime of the year.

The factors that will determine the number of days you spend on this hike are weather and your skill but usually it’s between 14 to 20 days.

This hike has sections of where you can be flown from an area especially before the jungle to the top if you don’t want to make the entire journey.

You will be required to have an escort guide or ranger to make sure you are safe as you hike Puncak Jaya.

3. Vision Massif, Antartica

Continent: Antarctica

Elevation: 16,050 ft.

Best times to hike: Summers

This trip to the Vision Massif will require you to have exclusive guiding services. The hike is really long and it will take you about 20 days with travel time inclusive.

The trek is also one of the coldest with temperatures dropping up to about -40 degrees Celsius.

4. Aconcagua, Argentina

Country: Argentina, South America

Elevation: 22,838 ft.

The Aconcagua is the second tallest mountain in the world. The hike is really hectic as you will carry about 50 pounds of your gear every day for about six hours.

The hike is usually hindered by bad weather and often time’s hikers have to turn back.

5. Denali, Alaska

Country: USA, North America

Elevation: 20,322 ft.

Best times to hike: May – July

You will need GPs to help you navigate the Denali as the trails are not marked. This hike takes about 21 days and it’s referred to as the ‘The Great One.’

6. Mt. Elbrus, Russia

Country: Russia, Europe

Elevation: 18,510 ft.

Best times to hike: May to September

The amount of time you Need to hike Mt. Elbrus: about a minimum of 12 days

7. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Country: Tanzania, Africa

Elevation: 5,895 Meters.

Best times to hike: Any months except April and November due to winds and rains

Best Route; depends on the weather.

The amount of time you need: Depends many factors like time and money

Your skill level: Depends on the route you choose.

You will need to be physically fit to hike the Kilimanjaro mountain. It’s usually recommended that you train for some time before coming on your hiking safari.

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