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The Lava Tower on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

This lava tower has existed for over 150,000 years. This tower was formed as a result of volcanicity, the same process that the Kilimanjaro was formed.

The Lava was released through a vent and it hardened and blocked the vent thus standing like a tower.

On active volcanoes, such towers act like plugs to regulate the power of the volcanic activity when the eruption comes.

This volcano is dormant and the lava tower has been idle for very many years.

The tower is about 90 meters tall. In the past, hikers would be allowed to climb the tower as one of the activities of the Kilimanjaro but the activity was stopped due to safety concerns.

Those that would hike the tower would be rewarded with a 360 degree panoramic view of the entire area.

Which Route takes you to the lava Tower?

You will take either the Shira, Lemosho, Northern Circuit and Machame routes. All these routes head to the Uhuru peak of the Kilimanjaro.

The best route however is the western route but if you have made your research you know how hazardous this trail is. The tower has an accommodation camp and you can overnight here.

Best time to visit the Lava Tower – Mount Kilimanjaro

If you are thinking about trekking the highest mountain ranges in Africa or have you have already booked your Tanzania safari to Kilimanjaro? The most common thing will be what’s the best time to visit and the other terms and conditions for the hike.

It’s possible that you can trek the Kilimanjaro any time throughout the year but some months are covered  in cold weather and rains and snow especially the top and yet some are dry and a lot more favorable.

Its best advised to hike the Kilimanjaro is between the months of December to February and Mid June to September. Ideally these are the dry months but even then, sometimes it can and gets a bit messy.

It is however believed that a day of rain may not be as bad as rain that comes in a season and rains on a daily. But even the months that are considered to be cold or wet may not necessarily be so ad they can even go weeks without any rain.

The wet months are March to Mid June and October to November.

The dry months are also the most crowded; the mountain can be filed with tourist and for people that have intent to explore extensively, you may need to reconsider.

Location of Lava Tower

The Lava tower is located at about 4572 meters above sea level. It’s on the slopes of the Kibo cone of the Kilimanjaro.

Lava Tower vegetation and climatic zone

The tower is located in the Alpine region of the Kilimanjaro. This area has a lot temperature variations during the days and night.

This level of the mountain will barely have any plant life. The landscape is a bit desolate with some yellow daisies.

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