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Mount Meru Tanzania – Travel Guide, Map & More

Knowing that Mountain Meru is shorter than the Kilimanjaro may give you some sense that hiking this mountain is a lot easier but this Mountain is actually very steep and it gives its adventures in some way.

There is wild life and a lot of beautiful views and this mountain are under the shadow of the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

It is interesting that mountain Meru is lower than the Kilimanjaro but it’s a lot steeper than the Kilimanjaro and therefore very had to acclimatize.

You will need a better body in a great physical shape when taking on this challenge. Mountain Meru is located about 35 miles in the western side o the Kilimanjaro Mountain. It about 51 kilometers from the small national park of Arusha.

The Meru Mountain stands at about 4,565 meters above sea level and it’s a volcanic mountain just like the Kilimanjaro.

Trekker to the Meru mountains should be escorted by an armed ranger since its part of the Arusha National Park conservation are and it is very likely that you will encounter a lot of wild life on the sloped o this mountain like elephants and Buffalos.

The mountain like other volcanoes has a crater on the top and to reach the summit of this mountain, you will have to go around this mountain.

There are designated camps on the mountain to house the hikers.

The camps are more like the dorms on the Marungu trail of the Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Mountain Meru is the second tallest mountain in Tanzania only behind the Kilimanjaro ranges with is the tallest in Africa.

The Meru Mountains stand at a height of about 4,565 meters above sea level.

The volcanic mountain will give you very good pictures and a thrilling experience.

Why Climb Mount Meru

The mountain meru is in the confines of the Arusha national park and therefore you will have chance to see most of the animal in this national park.

The mountain also gives a good practice for the Kilimanjaro incase one has ambitions since this mountain is a little shorter.

Mountain Meru is about 65 Kilometers in the western side of the Kilimanjaro Mountain and therefore while on the summit you will have views of the Kilimanjaro.

The tranquility that the route that leads to the summit gives is some of the reasons you ought not to miss.

This mountain is so much in the shadows of the Kilimanjaro and therefore receives fewer visitors compared to the Kilimanjaro which makes it good for people that want a quieter hike.

When you hike and reach about 2000 meters above sea level, the hike will start rimming around the crater of this mountain. This crater is about 20 kilometers wide.

It is believed that there I still some volcanic eruption from within this mountain and it has almost created another peak within the top of the Meru.

Where is Mount Meru

Mountain Meru is located about 50 miles in the western side o the Kilimanjaro Mountain. It about 51 kilometers from the small national park of Arusha. It’s a journey of about 40 minutes from Kilimanjaro international airport to Arusha town.

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