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The Second Cave Camp of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

The Second Cave Camp stands at an elevation of about 3450 meters above sea level. The Camp derives its name from the cave around this ears that used to be used in the first days of the Kilimanjaro hike. The case is however longer used due to safety issues.

This modern day camp is used by hiker to the Kilimanjaro on the Rongai trail. The camp site can be used as an overnight accommodation facility or a resting point and then continue to the next camp where they can spend the night.

Most hikers however choose the latter and have this camp as a lunch picnic and after continue and have their night at the next camping site.

The camp site is really small and has a low traffic of visitors but can also be cool for hikers that don’t fancy crowded places you can have this camp all to yourself for the entire night together with you team.

The Rongai route that also passes this camp is not a commonly used route and this is another factor why this camp is a little bit abandoned.

This camp has no permanent structures like cabins and huts and it would require you to have your own camping gear that you will pitch at the designated camping area.

The camp has one semi permanent structure which acts as the ranger’s residence and doubles as the administrative office. There is scarcity of water at this can and this explains why there are no toilets here. You will use pit latrines. They are safe and clean.

Location of Second Cave campsite

The second cave camp is located on the east side of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. The camp is just below the third cave camp on the border line of the Moorland vegetation of the Kilimanjaro.

This makes the camp a very good acclimatization area on this route since this camp is just before the alpine region where the animal and plant life won’t survive and the oxygen levels will drop.

The moorland vegetation however where this camp is found has very short vegetation and this makes you prone to the strong winds of the mountain since there is little cover. The temperatures are also high in this area compared to those you have experienced at the previous camp.

The next camp after this one is the Kikekelelwa Campsite or the third cave campsite depending on the route you choose to take.

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