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Are there Snakes on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania?

There have been some recording on snake species on the Kilimanjaro. It’s rare to find one but it’s not impossible.

The trails are usually very busy and snakes will not come next to the trails that are one of the reasons why they may be hard to come across.

The altitude after the forested vegetation zone does not support animal and plant life and therefore you will not meet any snakes as well.

Here are some of the snakes that have been recorded on the Kilimanjaro:

Gabon Viper

This snake is from the Viperidae family and this family usually likes to camouflage and blend with the surroundings especially the leaves on the ground since it mostly on the ground.

This snake is very dangerous but most times is dormant. It’s about 8 kilograms in weight and about 2 meters in length. It has fangs that are about 5 centimeters.

The snake has a triangular shaped head with a creamish color.

It feeds mostly on rodents and birds. This snake will hold onto its prey until it dies. It’s hard that it will release the already caught prey.

This snake is dangers but rarely will it harm a human being as it prefers to remain dormant.

Green Mamba

This snake is also known as the Eastern green Mamba or the Common Mamba. Some areas refer to it as the White mouthed Mamba.

It’s really a large snake but really elusive. It’s a very dangerous snake but stays most of its time in the canopy of the trees to stay away from human activity.

It’s in the family of the Elapidae. The females in this family are usually longer that the men in the length. A female may be about 2 meters and a male will be about 1.8 meters.

These snakes have compressed heads with slim bodies and a long tail. They have relatively long fangs. They can be identified by their yellow greenish scales on the flanks.

The Green mamba will feed on bats, eggs, birds and rodents. Since they are shy, they like to stay in the tress and they are swift climbers.

They also easily camouflage in the trees. They only come out to look for water or prey in case they can’t find birds.

They are docile at night and they sleep all night. They move at a speed of about 11Kilometers per hour.

Boom slang

This is also a very dangerous snake and it spends most of its time in the tress. It belongs to the Colubridae family. The snake is named a tree snake in the African setting for how it spends its time on the top of trees.

It’s about 100 to 150 centimeters in length. It’s really long but very light. It has an oval shape head. It has a very sharp sight.

Male boom slangs are green with black or blue scale edges while females are fully brown in color.

They usually eat other reptiles like Lizards, frogs and Chameleons. They also eat small mammals and eggs.

Twig Snake or African Vine

This type of snake is from the Colubridae family just like the boom slangs. They are also slim with long tails and pointed nostrils. They have a grayish or brown color.

The African Twig, Vine or Bird Snake belongs to the scientific family of Colubridae just like the Boom slang snake.  Like the Boom slang, is from the family Colubridae.

They are slim and have extended profiles, flattened heads this pointed nostrils and long tails. They are grayish brown in color and have blotches that are faint light and others dark.

They usually eat other reptiles like Lizards, frogs and Chameleons. They also eat small mammals and eggs.

There are almost zero chances that you will meet a snake on the trail to the summit.

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